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Bundle Popcorn Kernels (Rainbow Gourmet, Red & Purple Antioxidant Blend)

$19.90 $14.90

A bundle dual-pack of Rainbow popcorn kernels (Gourmet Blend) and Red & Purple popcorn kernels (Antioxidant Blend)

  • Great taste, each popcorn colour has its own flavour and texture
  • Low glycemic index (GI)
  • Good source of fibre
  • Non GMO
  • Each pack makes about 8 big bowls of popcorn!

2 x 250 g

Organic GF flour bundle – Black Rice, Brown Rice, Purple Sweet Potato

$17.95 $16.95

A special bundle of 3 organic gluten-free flour:

  • Organic black rice flour (1 x 250g)
  • Organic brown rice flour 1 x 250g)
  • Organic purple sweet potato flour (1 x 250g)

Comes with a purple non-woven bag, perfect as a gift for new mums and avid bakers!

Purple Sweet Potato Flour


This gluten-free flour is finely milled from naturally grown purple sweet potato with purple flesh.


This high antioxidant and low glycemic index (GI) fine flour is suitable for making baby food, baked goods (cakes, cookies, donuts, kueh (e.g. huat kueh, nyonya kueh), pancakes, puddings, waffles), ice cream and pie.


Fresh batch!