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Category: Antioxidants

Frozen purple corn yogurt bark with cacao nibs and milk thistle seeds

This frozen yogurt bark serves up a healthy dose of protein (from Greek yogurt), antioxidants (from purple corn and cacao nibs) and liver-loving flavonolignans (from milk thistle).
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Refreshing purple corn drink (easy Chicha Morada – lazy version)

Chica Morada is Peru's iconic refreshing purple corn drink, made from Peruvian purple corn grown in the Andes region. This recipe is our lazy version with just 4 ingredients.
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Purple overnight oats

3 reasons why Purple Overnight Oats is good for you.
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Spring clean your liver with milk thistle

If you are conscious about what you eat to maintain good health, then taking care of your liver, the organ that detoxifies your blood, is equally important.
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Chicha Morada CNY version (purple corn drink)

Need a cooling and healthy drink to reboot your system after Chinese New Year? Check out this easy and healthy purple corn drink recipe before you throw away your Mandarin oranges peels! The recipe below has been modified from the traditional Peruvian version with the use of purple corn extract powder, Mandarin orange peel, red...
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Is collagen the answer for your supple skin?

Renew your complexion from inside out Are you a firm believer of taking collagen supplement to keep your skin beautiful and tight? Have you wondered why the minute you stop taking collagen supplements, your skin looses its suppleness? Besides hydration and collagen, do you know what your skin actually need to stay healthy and youthful?...
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Are you getting enough antioxidants?

According to research, we need a minimum of 8,000 (female) - 11,000 (male) antioxidant units a day to avoid the state of oxidative debt whereby our body doesn't have enough antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals in our body.
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Free radicals, low antioxidant levels and health

Why do we care about free radicals? Free radicals attack important macromolecules in our body (e.g. lipids, nucleic acids, proteins) leading to cell damage and disruption of normal physiological functions. If these attacks are kept unchecked, many diseases may arise as a result of free radical damage. Read on to find out more.   What...
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Antioxidants – beyond the ORAC scores

Scientifically, Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is the laboratory standard in measuring antioxidant levels in foods. The ORAC test was developed at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) in the US, the leader in aging research. ORAC in a nutshell ORAC measures the ability of a food to neutralize oxidizing free radicals, per 100g, in a...
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